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Floormatte - Non Glare Floor Polish 4L

£43.20 (Inc VAT) & Delivery

An advanced floor polish specifically designed to provide a highly durable finish, without glare, for use in hospitals and long term care facilities.
Features: Helps alleviate patient / resident confusion and falls caused by shiny floors in cases of Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's disease, and Multi-Infarct Dementia. Ideal for no buff programmes.

Outstanding scuff and detergent resistance. Reduces scrubbing and stripping cycles - less costly to use. Non-yellowing formulation. Recommended Floor Surfaces: All resilient tile flooring.

Hard as Nails - Hard Film Floor Polish 3.78L

£49.20 (Inc VAT) & Delivery

This floor polish utilises highly durable internally cross-linked polymers blended to achieve a harder floor finish film. Its unique chemistry results in a high gloss, long wearing finish that cures faster than any other metal-interlock polish. The perfect labour saving advantage for Educational and Retail facilities, which have little or no time for floor burnishing.

In addition, this polish resists initial scuffing and daily scuffing to further reduce floor maintenance costs.

Neutral Cleaner - All Purpose Floor Cleaner 4L

£30.00 (Inc VAT) & Delivery

Low pH, all-purpose daily floor cleaner removes dirt and soil without harming the shine. May be used on all washable surfaces.
Features: Concentrated for economical use. Low foaming - easily applied with mop, sponge or automatic scrubber. Effective cleaner for deep scrubbing. Excellent cleaner for use after stripping or deep scrubbing to neutralise the floor surface. Pleasant light, lemon fragrance.
Recommended Floor Surfaces: All washable surfaces, all resilient tile flooring, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, quarry tile and treated wood floors.

Rebound - Floor Cleaner/Enhancer 4L

£34.80 (Inc VAT) & Delivery

Concentrated one step cleaner and enhancer. May be applied by automatic scrubber or damp-mop. Cleans and enhances coating for a brilliant wet-look shine when burnished with Ultra High-Speed burnishers.

Features: Exceptionally slip resistant. Cleaner and gloss enhancer in one. Concentrated for economical use. Pleasant lemon-lime fragrance. Recommended Surfaces: All resilient tile floors and most types of terrazzo, marble, concrete and quarry tile and treated wood floors.

Case Study

The final result.
To clean up the floor and remove lippage we use coarse metal diamonds during the first few grinding steps.
Once the paint and other contamination is removed, we cary on grinding and polishing to build up a shine on the floor.
In some areas we have to remove cement and glue by hand.
Here is an area covered with cement. We have to take care when removing it to avoid damaging the terrazzo underneath.
Under radiators and other areas where our larger machinery cannot get to, we use hand held equipment.
After restoration.
Before and after picture.

Terrazzo Restoration, Mile End Road, London

Over 400m2 terrazzo floor space was restored in an old building in Mile End Road, London, as part of a renovation project for a textile company. For decades, the floor had been exposed to all kinds of traffic, it had been painted, covered with carpet, cement etc, before the client decided to bring it back to life.

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View Next Products Floor Case Study

Stripping & Sealing in Supermarket

A routine visit to a Supermarket where a Strip & Seal treatment was required as part of the Periodic Floor Maintenance programme. The floor is cleared in sections to allow us to treat that particular area, before moving on to the next.

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Stripping and Sealing Linoleum Floors, Carshalton College, Surrey

Through ISS Facility Services we carried out a Strip and Seal treatment on the Linoleum floors at the site of one of their clients, Carshalton College in South London. The job had to be done at very specific times so it didn't interfere with lessons and only certain areas of the building would be opened to us at any one time. This meant extra planning and organising, but the job went smoothly over three days, despite the slim margin for error.

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A demo area was polished first so the customer see what could be expected.

Concrete Cleaning and Polishing, GAP European Distribution Centre.

We stripped the floor from its original sealer which had become contaminated by re-sealing on top of dirt and grime. The floor was lightly ground and polished to create an even shine without making it too glossy.

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