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Founded in 2010, with a base in Warwick, Unique Floorcare has quickly become a reliable floor restoration contractor for many companies across the Midlands. We are leading experts in our field with experience from America, throughout Europe to Russia. From working in the ‘field’ for over 20 years we recognise that every customer is different and no two floors are quite the same. Some of our direct customers include Education and Retail Facilities, Industrial Sites and Flooring Contractors, but we also work for Facility Management and Cleaning Companies at sites where their customers have the requirement for our specialist service.

We want to improve cleanliness, safety and durability of commercial hard flooring whilst highlighting the numerous benefits of a well protected and correctly maintained floor.
Working closely with our customers enable us to provide the service that meets their expectations, and they can be safe in the knowledge that we don't leave them behind once our initial job is done.

We only use durable and maintainable floor coatings of the highest quality and we continually evaluate our own performances, to make sure we provide our customers with an excellent service.


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Case Study

The final result.
To clean up the floor and remove lippage we use coarse metal diamonds during the first few grinding steps.
Once the paint and other contamination is removed, we cary on grinding and polishing to build up a shine on the floor.
In some areas we have to remove cement and glue by hand.
Here is an area covered with cement. We have to take care when removing it to avoid damaging the terrazzo underneath.
Under radiators and other areas where our larger machinery cannot get to, we use hand held equipment.
After restoration.
Before and after picture.

Terrazzo Restoration, Mile End Road, London

Over 400m2 terrazzo floor space was restored in an old building in Mile End Road, London, as part of a renovation project for a textile company. For decades, the floor had been exposed to all kinds of traffic, it had been painted, covered with carpet, cement etc, before the client decided to bring it back to life.

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View Next About Floor Case Study

Stripping & Sealing in Supermarket

A routine visit to a Supermarket where a Strip & Seal treatment was required as part of the Periodic Floor Maintenance programme. The floor is cleared in sections to allow us to treat that particular area, before moving on to the next.

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Stripping and Sealing Linoleum Floors, Carshalton College, Surrey

Through ISS Facility Services we carried out a Strip and Seal treatment on the Linoleum floors at the site of one of their clients, Carshalton College in South London. The job had to be done at very specific times so it didn't interfere with lessons and only certain areas of the building would be opened to us at any one time. This meant extra planning and organising, but the job went smoothly over three days, despite the slim margin for error.

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A demo area was polished first so the customer see what could be expected.

Concrete Cleaning and Polishing, GAP European Distribution Centre.

We stripped the floor from its original sealer which had become contaminated by re-sealing on top of dirt and grime. The floor was lightly ground and polished to create an even shine without making it too glossy.

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News, Advice & FAQs

Does Your Floor Stand Up to the Footfall?

Does Your Floor Stand Up to the Footfall?

Busy supermarkets often have a tough job on their hands trying to keep their floors clean and safe. A high flow of traffic takes its toll on the surface which will quickly become dirty and slippery and in the end wear out prematurely, unless it is treated.

Dust Free Concrete Floors

Dust Free Concrete Floors

Concrete dust create real cleaning problems for warehouses and production facilities with power floated concrete floors. Our Concrete Polishing system solves the problem, creates stunning floors and reduces cleaning cost.

How to Keep Floors Clean

How to Keep Floors Clean

Entrance matting act as the first line of defence when it comes to preventing outside dirt and grit from being walked into a building, and, even more importantly, they reduce the risk of slips and falls - a key consideration for all publicly accessible buildings. Research shows that up to 90% of all dirt and debris present within a building is tracked in from the outside on the bottom of shoes. An effective entrance mat measuring 6 meters can remove 75% of all this dirt, contain it in one place and reduce the cleaning cost otherwise required in the building.

The ‘Wet & Dry’ Floor Cleaning Method

The ‘Wet & Dry’ Floor Cleaning Method

What is the 'Wet-and-Dry' Method? When using the Mop & Bucket system, the 'Wet-and-Dry' method is a very simple yet incredibly effective step in picking dirt and grit off the surface during floor cleaning. First you wash the floor with a wet mop until you're satisfied you can't clean any more dirt off. Then you go over the damp area with a CLEAN, DRY mop to pick up any leftover dirt and grit you couldn't pick up during the clean. You will be amazed at how much dirt you can still pick up during this simple step, please see below.