How to Keep Floors Clean

Keep the dirt out!

Entrance matting act as the first line of defence when it comes to preventing outside dirt and grit from being walked into a building, and, even more importantly, they reduce the risk of slips and falls - a key consideration for all publicly accessible buildings.

Research shows that up to 90% of all dirt and debris present within a building is tracked in from the outside on the bottom of shoes. An effective entrance mat measuring 6 meters can remove 75% of all this dirt, contain it in one place and reduce the cleaning cost otherwise required in the building.

60% of all maintenance time is spent on floor cleaning alone.

Sometimes, however, there isn't enough space for a large entrance mat. At such facilities we recommend more frequent cleaning of the mats and entrance areas. Vacuuming the entrance mat several times a day and replacing it with a dry and clean one when needed, can significantly reduce the overall time spent on floor cleaning.

Another important consideration to make is protecting the lifespan of the floor. If the floor is scuffed and scratched, it becomes more exposed to dirt which will get into the crevices. This will make the floor nearly impossible to clean through regular daily cleaning, and facilities will often replace their floors sooner than they have to.

We recommend:

- On wet and rainy days, put down extra entrance mats. Replace with clean and dry mats during opening times.

- Consider putting down an outdoor mat outside the entrance to trap the coarsest dirt, mud, grass, etc, if the environment is of this nature.

- Vacuum the entrance mats several times a day. It might only take 5 mins, but it will save a lot of time on general floor cleaning

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