The ‘Wet & Dry’ Floor Cleaning Method

What is the 'Wet-and-Dry' Method?

When using the Mop & Bucket system, the 'Wet-and-Dry' method is a very simple yet incredibly effective step in picking dirt and grit off the surface during floor cleaning.

First you wash the floor with a wet mop until you're satisfied you can't clean any more dirt off. Then you go over the damp area with a CLEAN, DRY mop to pick up any leftover dirt and grit you couldn't pick up during the clean. You will be amazed at how much dirt you can still pick up during this simple step, please see below.

Here are three microfibre pocket mops. The mop in the middle is clean and dry, the other two are damp and visibly dirty after being used to 'dry up' after the initial clean of a floor area of only 40m2. Had the floor not been dried up with the 'Wet-and-Dry' method, this dirt would have been left behind and built up over time, lowering the performance of floor seal or polish and in some cases even lead to premature floor replacements.

Three Important Things to Remember:

1 - Change the water frequently.

2 - Clean approx 10 m2, then 'dry up'.

3 - Change mops when they get dirty.

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