Dust Free Concrete Floors


Many warehouses and production facilities have problems keeping their concrete floors free from dust. Their uneven surfaces, the 'micro-roughness' layer, make the floor virtually impossible to keep clean. Dirt, bacteria and very fine dust will hide in the micro-roughness unless this layer is removed.


The micro-roughness is removed by polishing the concrete completely smooth. The floor is then treated with a densifier - an eco-friendly liquid that reacts chemically with the concrete to make the floor denser, harder and more scratch resistant.

The floor is then polished further before applying a sealer, protecting it against oils, fats, water and other liquid spills that otherwise would seep into the concrete and leave stains. Finally the floor is polished or burnished up to the desired gloss level.


Apart from having a stunning looking floor, it is much easier to keep clean with only a mild, neutral floor cleaner needed. Electricity cost and CO2 emissions will fall because light will reflect off the floor much better and extra savings are also made by not having to re-paint the floors periodically.


*Dust free after treatment

*Extremely easy to clean

*Hardwearing and longer-lasting floor

*Looks fantastic - will last for many years if correctly maintained

*Improved Health & Safety

*Eco-friendly - No harsh chemicals!

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