Warwick University, Terrazzo Tiles Honing & Sealing

The terrazzo flooring in the Library building at the prestigious Warwick University had become dirty and dull and hard to clean after many years of wear and tear. Six toilet blocks and a five storey stair well was restored during the holidays before the students arrived for the new term. We removed old stains and light scratches by honing the surface and skirting. Once the terrazzo was smooth, completely clean and dry, we sealed the floor with an impregnating sealer to protect the floor from stains and wear and tear.


'It was unfortunate - and not the fault of Unique Floorcare - but we had a bit of a disaster in one of the areas where they were working. The plumbing failed and flooded the area. Unique Floorcare mucked in and helped us with tackling the problem and helped to reduce the impact on our Library users as much as possible. This was beyond their remit, they could have just walked away and returned to complete their work at a later date, but they didn’t and stayed to finish their work on schedule. Unique Floorcare's knowledge of contamination procedures was very valuable and given with sincerity. This enabled me to plan the extra resources to tackle the clean up work.’

Margaret Barwick, Facilities Officer, Warwick University

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